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But Why Andrew Yang?

Andrew Yang is an American Presidential Candidate who

meets people where they are at. His “Freedom Dividend” proposal,

a key part of his campaign, allows people to receive $1,000 per month.

Whether you are out of work or not, you need to eat.

You need a place to put your head for the night.

And you need clothing for your comfort.

You have kids, so you need to drive them to school.

So you need a car. You need gasoline. You need car insurance.

Your car also needs maintenance. You need a new spare tire for the car.

Your wife has an anniversary party for a friend

to go to. So she wants to buy a gift.

For people that are out of work, having neighbors that are willing

to spend their disposable income to buy things, whether it be

car repairs or clothing, a night out or just a simple gift,

all of those little purchases we all make can

make or break an entire community.

This is the trickle-up economy, where increased demand at

restaurants, auto repair shops and retail stores mean

work opportunities for out-of-work neighbors.

This idea is so much more transformative than to

have a Federal Jobs Guarantee or a blanket statement, like

“former truck drivers and coal miners should learn how to code.”

If we want to really help people, and in turn, the entire

country, we should meet people where they are at.

So, where are people at? What do people do?

We eat, we sleep in our homes and apartments, we find

clothes to wear, we take our families to school, we

buy gifts for ourselves and others, etc.

With money, we not only give them stability for their lives,

we also receive stability from their lives, because of money.

It will strengthen the economy when people have things to buy

or sell because more people would be inspired to buy

or sell what they’ve always wanted to create.

And, with a strong economy, of buyers and sellers,

that would create a strong democracy of ideas

for the future in other areas of this country.

It all starts with meeting people where they are at.

Andrew Yang on UBI:
But I would be a little bit careless if I didn’t find some YouTube
videos and have them here on what seems to be a moral, ethic and
financial benefit to have the “Freedom Dividend” be a part of American life.