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Hello and Welcome!
I’ve literally linked 130 different YouTube videos
on this page to help support Andrew Yang!
I hope this isn’t too much information, because
some people, even myself, need to hear
something, over and over and over...
...before it  “clicks” and *I*get it.”
I think that is true of many people.
Hence, that is why this page was created.
For you, to learn about Andrew Yang and
the challenges we face in America.
These many videos that I have chosen here,
on this page, are the videos I feel that highlight some
of Andrew Yang’s “Core Principals” in his 2020 Campaign.
Before watching the videos, you may be asking:
“Has the kind of things Andrew Yang talks
about in presentations changed over the years?”
“What are these companies that are automating away jobs?”
“How are other countries dealing with automation?”
“Is artificial intelligence harmful or can we learn from it?”
“What is so great about Andrew Yang’s policies?”
I feel that these videos answer all
of these questions and so many others.
Until you actually dive in and watch a few videos,
you won’t know the personal impact that Andrew Yang
can make on the lives of many Americans, all at once.
But once you watch some of these videos, you
may begin to see that there is only one logical choice
for President of The United States on January 20, 2021:
~Andrew Yang~
Table of Contents:
Who Is Andrew Yang?
Call Centers • Truck Driving • Car Driving • Auto Parking • Hotels
Retail • Food • Accountants • Lawyers • Deliveries & Packaging
Documentaries on Artificial Intelligence & Automation:
Spark • Moving Upstream • BBC • DW • Other Sources
Artificial Intelligence & Automation in Other Countries
Artificial Intelligence *CAN* Be Fun!
Why Not Other Candidates? Why Andrew Yang?
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